What do waist cinchers do?

Waist cinchers use compression and latex to shape body, cause sweat, burn fat, and lose inches. In addition to boosting your workout through compression and perspiration, the Ursula Waist Cincher gives support to your spine, lifting bust through posture correction.

What are they made of?

100% natural latex core is covered with soft cotton lining to protect skin. Four steel flexi bonings (two at the front and two at the back) provide extra support and prevent garment from rolling up or down. Three columns of hook-and-eye closures allow you to continue using as you lose inches off your waist or if you want a more relaxed fit.

Does the latex touch my skin?

Latex band is covered with 96% cotton and 4% spandex lining. Latex does not come in contact with your skin.

WARNING: If you are allergic to latex consult your physician before ordering this product. Even though latex does not touch your skin, the inner latex band may still affect people with a strong latex allergy.

How do I measure my waistline?

The waistline refers to the horizontal line where the waist is narrowest, or to the general appearance of the waist. To locate your waistline, just stand upright and then tilt over to the side keeping the legs and hips straight. Where the torso creases is the natural waistline. 

Place measuring tape around your waist. For correct measurement, do not hold your breath, lift your arms or dig the measuring tape into your skin. If you select a cincher size based on an incorrect measurement, it might not fit or work properly. Once you have correct measurement, refer to our Size Chart for recommended cincher size.

Does it fit tight? YES!

A tight fit does not mean product is too small. If it's tight it's because it works! If it doesn't give compression, it won't shape your figure and help you lose inches. Ursula Waist Cinchers are tight as they are made of a high quality, durable latex and cotton lining that won't get flimsy after a few wears. Material will stretch a little after use making it more comfortable, but it will remain tight to fulfill its purpose.

If you desire less compression, select the next larger size than our suggestions.

NOTE: Cincher's length is designed to be smaller than your waistline so it will provide high compression when hooked up around your waist. If cincher's length was the same as your waistline there would be no compression at all.

Should I order 11” or 13.75” waist cincher height coverage?

The 11” high is the standard version for a coverage that goes from the bottom of your breasts up to your hipbones. If you have a longer torso or want cincher to cover your hips, select the 13.75" version.

How do I put it on?

To hook it up, pull sides and start fastening from bottom to top. We recommend you hook it from the first row of eyes the first time you wear it, so that you get used to the garment. Remember, fit must feel very tight.

Can I use it under my clothes?

Definitely! High-quality materials and seams make Ursula Waist Cinchers a discreet undergarment barely noticeable under dresses, tops or shirts.

When should I use my waist cincher?

  • Use it to improve results when doing exercise. Whether you prefer jogging or going to the gym, your waist cincher will help you keep the right posture when working out, walking or running, preventing back pain. Latex will increase your temperature in the abs area, helping you burn fat.
  • Use it to shape your body below a tight dress: it will flatten your belly, reduce your waistline and lift bust through posture correction.
  • Use it under your clothes all day long! Compression and latex will not only hold the bumps in and maximize your curves while wearing it but it will also help burn fat and sculpt your figure in the long term.
  • If you suffer from back pain due to weight or bad posture, Ursula Waist Cinchers will offer support and help you stand or sit erect, alleviating lower back pain (consult your physician).
  • Use it to improve your figure faster after giving birth (consult your physician). The tight fit of a waist cincher will help you reduce your waistline and tighten your stretched-out belly skin.

How long can I use my waist cincher?

Each waist cincher has 3 columns of fasteners so you can continue using as you lose inches off your waist. Find your perfect setting.

What happens if my cincher does not fit?

It is of utmost importance that you select suggested size from our Size Chart based on CORRECT MEASUREMENT of your waistline. If you still need to return your shapewear you must do so within 30 days after your purchase. Please note shipping charges are not refunded. Click here for instructions on how to return your package.

Is my Ursula product refundable?

Item must be in perfect conditions to apply for a refund. Shipping charges are not refundable.
Upon arrival of returned item at our warehouse, we will review that item is in perfect conditions before applying refund.