Post-Baby Waist Training

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Waist training is the act of tightly wrapping a person's midsection with a corset or supportive waistband to gradually reduce the person's natural waist. These are worn for long periods of time to essentially train the waist into getting smaller. Experts say waist training may work as a motivation to change eating, lifestyle and exercise habits. Tightening the waist also promotes thermal activity and perspiration that may trigger fat loss eventually leading to slimming and reshaping.A growing number of moms are training their waists with the help of the 16th-century throwback. Several celebrities that claim that waist training helped bring...

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How to accentuate your hour-glass body shape

Posted by Cristina Valencia on

Hourglass body type is the classic figure of a woman, loved and adored by both sexes. Women with hourglass bodies can carry off almost everything very well. Men love such women for having the right kind of assets.If you happen to have this kind of a body, you should feel really blessed because thousands of women around you might be envious of you.The best thing about having an hourglass-shaped body is that irrespective of your weight, your body is in the right proportion, and hence, you can pull off any style really easily.Here are some tips to help you accentuate...

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Look at those curves! Paulina Vega is a clear example of effort and discipline into achieving a beautiful, healthy and natural body. Colombian women are beautiful because they want to and they work for it.  Let Paulina be your model of self-improvement and let Ursula Fajas Colombianas be the first step into a more beautiful you. The immediate results of an improved figure will sweep you into the tide of well-being, pushing you to keep working and fulfill your goals, whether it is to be satisfied with your looks, your job or anything you wish for. 

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