Stay Committed to Waist Training With These Helpful Tips!

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Most of us begin the new year excited to start working on our weight loss goals, but, eventually, we might get distracted from it because, well, life happens!  This is one of the mistakes we make when setting goals: We don't have a long-term vision for ourselves. When we hit a plateau, we lose interest and start feeling less motivated.

Our advice for staying committed to waist training is to be realistic: Start slowly but steadily.  Keep focused on your long-term goals. Focus also on creating healthy habits: like eating clean and exercising regularly. To track your results, take photos and waist measurements once a week.


Start Slow: This Is the Key!

In order to get your body used to the waist trainer, wear it just for a few hours a day and then slowly add more time (half an hour to an hour). With time, you'll start feeling more comfortable wearing your waist trainer, even reaching 8 to12 hours a day. By adapting your body to the compression of the waist trainer, you’re much more likely to have a built habit that will last.


Healthy Habits are Important

It's vital that you support your waist training routine with a healthy, nutritious diet and regular exercise. The food you eat determines your waist training success, and exercise will help you improve your muscles' strength. Your waist trainer will help you controlling your portions too, as its compression on the abdomen will make you feel while eating less.

    You can use this guide to a healthy eating plate by Harvad, to balanced meals. Put a copy on your refrigerator as a daily reminder to create healthy, balanced meals!


    Keep in mind!

    Being patient and mantaining realistic expectations are helpful to keep you motivated. Think of all the benefits you'll be gaining with all the weight you'll loss. One way to remind yourself of what you want to achieve is putting is writing down on a board the reasons why you want to get in better shape, be it to be healthier or losing and keeping the extra pounds off.

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