Four Ways to Sneak More Physical Activity into Your Day

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Let’s face it, you may not be as active as you’d like to be considering the number of obligations you currently have. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep movement in the forefront of your mind. It may, however, mean that you’re stuck at a computer, barreling through tasks to satisfy your employer, or driving to and from appointments and meetings thanks to the small business that you own and run.

Although a waist trainer will work wonders by itself, the best way to get long lasting results is to be active with it on. It might be helping your posture while your working in your office, but we are looking for long term results. 

If you’re not getting enough exercise daily, there are some ways to sneak more activity into your day without really noticing it at first. The more active you are, the faster you’ll achieve the fitness goals you’ve created for yourself. It will help you inches of your waist and conquer your body image.



Park Further Away

If you arrive early, park as far as way as you can. Walking the extra distance from your car to the entrance and back gives you a good workout. It tightens muscles and helps you burn extra calories.

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Take the Stairs

By skipping the elevator and taking the stairs, you’re giving yourself a short aerobic workout. Your heart rate increases, your legs get some much needed exercise, and you’re essentially removing inches from your waist by burning fat. While everyone else takes the easy way to the next floor, opt for the stairs.



Walk and Talk

Put your waist trainer on under your clothing and make your next meeting a walking one. Let others know your plans and use time before or after work to discuss important matters. Best of all, you can do this at a park or walking trail for a change of scenery.

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Use a Pedometer to Measure Your Progress

See just how active you are by wearing a pedometer daily. When you haven’t met the day’s targets, get up and move. Make an extra trip down the hall to deliver paperwork or to your boss’ office to relay a message.


A Smaller Waistline is Worth the Extra Work

A smaller waistline takes work but is well worth the effort. Use waist training exercises along with the other activities you do daily to achieve the best results. You’ll look and feel better than you have in years because of the subtle changes you’ve made to your lifestyle.

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